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Step 01 - Getting Started

In this method we are going to use the affiliate program from GetResponse. Only a few marketers out there know about this offer but I found, that it have very high commissions on just single sign-ups. The following video series will show you, how to profit from this underground source!

Things To Do:

Make sure that you are logged in to both accounts before processing to the next step.

Step 02 - Setting Up Your Landing Page

We not only promote the service from GetResponse, we also will use it to grow our own online business as well. One of the tools every marketer have, is an auto responder to collect emails from potential customers. In the following video you'll learn how to creat a landing page where people can put in their adresses.

Things To Do:

  • Creating a new landind page from a template
  • Edit your landing page till it fits your needs

The goal is to set up an easy good looking site with a little bit of text to catch the viewers attention.

Step 03 - Connecting The Landing Page & Lead Magnet

The last step for our money machine will bring all the dots together. Our viewers need a reason to subscribe our list and the easiest thing is to give something away. Luckily I got you covered with that as well. Download the ebook and edit it with your links like in the video - I can't wait to get this rollin', what about you? 🤩

Things To Do:

  • Create a new list and connect it to the landing page we created before
  • Download the document and replace the links

Step 04 - Make Your First Sales

Now we have your landing page connected with our list and everytime someone joins the list, our money making guide will be sent out automatically. Isn't that cool? In the last step I'll give you a simple free technique that are proven to get leads and sales. The only thing to promote is your landing page link and you'll be good.

Things To Do:

  • Register your account on Quora here
  • Make your profile looking nice & upload a photo
  • Answer a few questions without any links in it
  • Start posting creative answers and paste your landing page link in it

That's it - simple right? Answering a few questions every day will start bring you fresh leads every day which are interested in the online business niche. Later you can write them emails from your GetResponse account and earn even more! All the best.

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